Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Trip to the Mall

I decided on Friday that it was time to make a trip to the mall despite not wanting to be on my feet for too long. First, we needed to vote and avoid long lines on November 4th. Nevada offers early voting and the mall near our home is the closest polling station. Second, I had a few coupons for free products and I wanted to use them before they expired or I have a baby.

The voting was a breeze even with Ella. No line (although it was really busy!) and Ella had fun pushing the "buttons" on the screen for me. We have officially cast our vote for the next President (and other miscellaneous items).

The shopping was even better. I spent $3.00 plus tax and received $35.50 in merchandise: two Wallflower plug-in thingys and two hand sanitizers from Bath and Body Works and a pair of underwear from Victoria's Secret (in the bag as I'm not one to flaunt that stuff on my blog). I received a coupon for a free pair in the mail from VS with no other purchase necessary!

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