Monday, October 20, 2008

From Meat to Wheat

I have recently had an interest in cooking more vegetarian dishes. I am very concerned about the amount of hormones and antibiotics found in mainstream meat products. Buying organic meat, however, is way out of our price range. Or maybe it isn't if I cut back on the amount of meat we eat. I know that in general Americans eat way more meat than they need. I also know from my Weight Watcher days that our serving sizes of meat are at least twice what they should be. I'm thinking it is time to cut back.

My sister was kind enough to send me the cookbook in the post below as well as a book on becoming a vegetarian (if I wasn't 8 months pregnant I'd get up, go get it and tell you the title, but I am 8 months pregnant so I'm not moving). It has been very informative to say the least. I haven't done much research yet on-line, but I am anticipating a lot of info there as well.

I have very few vegetarian recipes in my menu routine and so I'm doing research, collecting recipes, and preparing to make some pretty significant changes to our diet once I am capable of cooking full time again (i.e. once I deliver this baby!). If you have any resources, I'd love to peruse them!

I asked my Jewish raised husband (meaning lots of meat and fried food) if he would mind going vegetarian. I really wish I would have had our video camera because the look on his face was truly priceless (as I figured it would be). He did agree, however, to cut back on meat and see how that goes.

2 Thoughts From Others:

robin said...

Hi Cammie -

Moosewood Restaurant puts out some pretty good veggie cookbooks (yes, they're a hippie-enclave in New Hampshire, but they have some pretty good food!). And I think your hubby can handle the transition if mine can - he LOVES him some meat, yet we never have meat at home (I can't stand the smell). Instead, he gets to indulge when we go out to eat, and I never begrudge him a weekly Burger King run.

One consideration, though - I wouldn't give up meat entirely, since you have Ella and the new one on the way. I know I never get enough dairy or protein, but it's not such a big deal since I'm already an adult. Much more important for chilluns, though. Good luck with your endeavor!

ErinOrtlund said...

Eric used to be very carnivorous, but he has come around and is now a fan of vegetarian meals.

We are hoping to keep reducing our meat intake. Then when we do have meat, it will be more of a treat, and we'll free up money for things like wild salmon. I just tried a really yummy rice/lentil/kidney bean Mexican pie at an event--I will make it soon and post the recipe.

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