Monday, October 13, 2008


We had one of our twice weekly doctor appointments today and FINALLY got some good news. Our baby is HUGE! I am roughly 32 weeks and the baby is measuring 34 weeks. Add to that a very high level of amniotic fluid and yeah, I'm huge! The good news is that the large measurements mean that my high blood pressure is not affecting the baby's growth. Because the baby is so big and obviously healthy, we are down to one appointment a week. And because bed rest tends to make babies even bigger, we are now trying to avoid that at all costs.

We will still deliver immediately if my blood pressure acts up, but for now, all is quiet. Just for posterity, I had Mitch take a picture today and I'm actually going to post it. I don't have any from my pregnancy with Ella and wish that I had taken at least one!

3 Thoughts From Others:

The Campbell Family said...

Lookin' good, Mama! :)

Speedbump Kitchen said...

Most impressive! Great job! I think I banned photos in the last 2 months!!

Camille said...

Ha ha... thanks both of you! I banned photos with Ella, but now wish I had some. So at least I have photographic evidence that I was indeed pregnant at one point in my life!

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