Friday, October 16, 2009

10 Ways to Use Up Hot Dog Buns

My husband's high school band (who won Outstanding Music, Outstanding General Effect, Outstanding Visual Effect and took 1st place in their division at their first competition last week) runs the visiting concession stands at all home football games. This year they seem to have a plethora of hot dog buns and we have been the lucky recipients of the hand me downs.

What to do with a huge bag of hot dog buns when we usually don't eat hot dogs?

1. PB&Js (or in the case of my daughter peanut butter and butter) or regular sandwiches
2. Tuna Melts (make tuna salad, put on bun, sprinkle with cheese and toast in toaster oven)
3. Mini-Meatball Sandwiches (throw on some meatballs, sauce, cheese and toast in oven)
4. Mini Garlic Breads (combine some butter, olive oil and garlic and spread on buns; toast)
5. Grilled Cheese (just some cheese and a frying pan will do)
6. Make them in to bread crumbs (and top homemade mac and cheese!)
7. Mini Pizzas (Slather on the sauce, cheese and toppings; toast or bake)
8. Breakfast Sandwiches (egg, cheese, bacon)
9. French Toast (It really works!)
10. Freeze for later (I got tired of thinking of ways to use them up!)

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