Monday, October 12, 2009

Pumpkin Waffles

Sunday morning I made The Ultimate Pumpkin Waffles with cinnamon syrup for breakfast (yes, there is a blog dedicated entirely to pumpkin waffles!). I doubled the recipe (but only had 3 eggs)as the original states that it makes 3 Belgian waffles and I wanted to freeze a few. My doubled recipe, however, only made 3 Belgian waffles, but they were very thick. I ate half a waffle and my husband made it through 3/4 of his. My waffle maker also makes really large waffles -- 1/4 of a waffle is about 1.5 Eggo waffles. These are not a quick breakfast by any means, but they of Fall. I still prefer Brandy's Gingerbread Pancakes, but these were a nice treat.

The cinnamon syrup is superb. My husband said it was like eating liquid cinnamon rolls.

And I'll be baking up some pumpkin bread this week to use up the leftover pumpkin!

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