Friday, October 2, 2009

Gingerbread Pancakes

Our weather has FINALLY turned in to Fall! We dropped from 101 to mid-70s in a matter of two days. The baking and canning is officially commencing!

In honor of our first official "cold" day, I made The Prudent Homemaker's Gingerbread Pancakes. Brandy lives here in Las Vegas and has been an absolute wealth of knowledge for me. I'm looking forward to learning how to garden in the desert from her, especially using my backyard walls to grow grapes and berries!

This recipe makes A LOT of pancake batter. Way more than we could eat so I froze a large Ziploc full of silver dollar sized cakes. Also, I don't like buttermilk so I just used regular milk. I cut the milk down to 2 cups (I don't like runny batter)and it was still a bit runny for me. It's a delicious, Fall treat!

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