Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Amazing Woman Day!

I was just shy of 30 when I got married. For years after college (MY deadline for getting hitched!) I celebrated with so many friends as they wed and started families. Being single and childless while wanting nothing more than to be a wife and mother was awful. I avoided church on Mother's Day because it was just too much.

I have a hard time saying Happy "Mothers" Day because there are so many women out there who so desperately want to be a mom, but aren't. And there are women out there who have no interest in being a mom so they aren't. I have two sisters, neither of whom have their own children, but both of whom love my kids just as much as I do! We are all amazing.

So ... Happy Amazing Woman Day! To all of you moms who tirelessly care for your families. To all of you women who help out those moms by baby-sitting and listening to their rants about potty training and spit up. To all those women who influence a younger generation through volunteer work. To all you women who want nothing more than to hold a baby in your arms and call him your own.

You are all amazing and today, I celebrate all of you!

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