Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How to Have a Stress Free Visit with Santa

As the parent of small children, going to see Santa is a nightmare. You're never quite sure how long the wait will be or how your child will react once they finally get up to see the jolly old elf. I find it so nerve wracking, that my 2 year old who is on his 3rd Christmas has never been to see Santa!

A few years ago a friend of mine mentioned that growing up Santa always came to her house on Christmas Eve. As an adult she now realizes that her mother actually hired a Santa to make the visit. This year she followed in her mother's footsteps and hired a Santa to come to her house. This, my friends, is the absolutely best idea ever. No waiting in line forever. If your kid freaks out, he can sit back and watch for a while and then try again and there is no pressure to hurry up.

The amazing thing is that a visit to your house from Santa costs about the same as pictures with the mall Santa. If even that is out of your budget, get together with other families and have everyone pitch in. Ask around to see if anyone knows of a Santa or even ask the Santa at the mall for a card. I've read two stories in the paper this week about different Santas for hire. I'm sure there is still time to find one for your Christmas festivities this week!

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