Sunday, August 3, 2008


Dinner tonight was a blast from my past! We have a gigantic bag of potatoes I have been trying to use up so I went perusing and ran across this recipe for Irish Boxty, basically a potato pancake (thicker than latkes).

I first had boxty at an Irish pub in Ann Arbor, MI
where I would hang out with friends after work many moons ago. The pub serves their boxty with pesto mayo and veggies (mainly peppers). That is how I made ours this evening (I just mixed pesto and mayo together to dip in). On-line I discovered that boxty is mainly a breakfast dish, which would explain why I never did find it on a dinner menu in Ireland!

This recipe hit the spot and brought back a lot of fond memories. It is also extremely inexpensive to make and very filling. We fried up some bacon first in my iron skillet and then fried the boxty up in the bacon grease. Worked perfectly! We doubled the ingredients as given and have plenty of left overs.

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The Campbell Family said...

My goodness... days of Conor's, Mr. Bean, Boyd, grocery shopping on Friday nights, Alice, life before kids, working? Was that really in this lifetime???

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