Thursday, August 14, 2008

Flipping Out

I (or we) have been using my new Flip Ultra Video cam pretty much on a daily basis since Ella and I arrived in Michigan. I finally got around to downloading some video today and they should be up soon. Most of our videos are around a minute -- many of them even less than that. Boring to watch and kind of disjointed. But the Flip offers a built in software that allowed me to put all the little snippets together in to a 10 minute DVD -- with music! All I had to do was select the videos I wanted and 10 minutes later I have a fun montage of our visit so far. What a great tool for those of us that take small videos! I can't seem to download the movie mix directly to the computer, though. I think I need to take it to CVS or somewhere similar to burn a DVD of it. I can download the straight videos to a computer and burn a DVD from there. We just have to get to Meijer to get some blank DVDs.

So far I can't recommend this video camera enough, especially to parents (and grandparents)! Even my mom and dad have used it -- and they tend to shy away from their own high end video camcorder because of all the "confusing" buttons!

Back to uploading video....

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