Sunday, August 3, 2008

We Are Outta Here

Ella and I are heading to a cooler climate on Tuesday -- the blessed shores of Lake Michigan -- for a three week vacation with my family. With Mitch starting band camp and then school (meaning he'll be gone at least 12 hours a day), it is the perfect time for Ella and I to get out of the heat and enjoy the best weather Michigan has to offer. I haven't been to Michigan in the summer in four years and I have been counting down the days. Don't worry -- I am taking the camera cord with me (and the Flip Camcorder) this time!

4 Thoughts From Others:

Karin said...

I'm getting ready to leave the perfect climate of Northern Michigan for the exact same climate in Western Central Lower Michigan to see my sister and niece for THREE WEEKS!

I'll be bringing my cats, my camera, and my computer, so look out!

Grandma said...

We're hoping to see Ella (and Cammie too, of course)...Thank goodness there's AIR CONDITIONING at Grandma and Grandpa's or some days Western Michigan may NOT be all that cool and refreshing! Oh! But, WAIT! LAKE MICHIGAN IS CLOSE AT HAND...AND WITH THAT COMES COOL BREEZES!! Safe trip, Cammie. Could you stop by and pick up Stephanie and the kids?????

Camille said...

Today it is 100 degrees and 40% humidity. I'll take 77 degrees and 78% humidity any day! :-)

The Campbell Family said...

Well, we must have the best of both worlds, then. 102 and 78% humidity. Who needs Lake Michigan?

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