Saturday, August 2, 2008

I Love You, Chuck!

Yesterday afternoon was a bit stressful around here (I'll spare you the details) and dinner was all but forgotten until it was too late to make it (meaning we were starving and needed to eat NOW). It is really hot outside so Ella has been stuck indoors a lot (this is our "winter" time of indoor activity) and is pretty antsy. We needed somewhere to go where she could play -- and I'm sick of hanging at McDonald's! I suddenly remembered our long, lost friend, Chuck E. Cheese.

Chuck E. Cheese is a grandma treat around here so we usually go with her when she is in town. After last night, we'll be back more often! We got a large pizza, one drink (free refills so we share) and all you can eat salad for under $25. Twenty free tokens (from the CEC Birthday program for Ella) lasted us almost 2 hours. Ella wore herself out, I got to sit and do nothing, and Daddy played video games. I don't usually like to spend quite that much on dinner out, but I never, ever feel ripped off at Chuck E. Cheese. For me, it is money well spent on a fun evening out.

As an aside you don't have to purchase food -- you can just go and play games (but you need to buy tokens). We may take advantage of that until the weather breaks. I forgot my camera so the pic above is a year old. And our crisis seems to have worked itself out.... so we're back to chicken piccata for dinner tonight.

2 Thoughts From Others:

Meredith said...

You know, that's a really positive outlook on a place I dread going!

I dislike the noise and lights, but weighed against 2 kids' entertainment and a night out, that doesn't seem so awful anymore.

Thanks for making me think twice!

Camille said...

No problem! We went on a Friday night so it was super crowded and noisy, but on weekday evenings, it is usually much better.

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