Sunday, August 31, 2008

Times Are Changing

They say if you want your blog to be successful and read by a lot of people, you need to stick to one topic. I don't. I am way too diverse of a person for that so I will never have thousands of readers. Here is my disclaimer for this post: I am a political conservative, registered Republican, and I know what that means and even where I disagree with the Republican ideals. I don't vote for candidates because a union tells me to, I vote for a candidate based on my beliefs on what is best for my family and my country. I attended one of the most conservative institutions of higher education in America and hope I can afford the same school for my children and grandchildren. I understand the Democratic party's platforms; I just don't agree with them.

That said, I am ELATED over McCain's choice for VP (even though I still question why a VP choice is even that big of a deal), but not entirely because of her politics. I like Obama. I think he represents something new and fresh for this country. I just don't agree with how he would go about changing things. McCain is a nice change, more moderate for a conservative, but he represents "sameness" to me -- another white man running the country.

But now the election in November will make history regardless of who wins. We will either have our first female Vice President or our first non-white President. How cool is that? No matter who is inaugurated in January, we will celebrate a first as a nation and that is something to look forward to!

3 Thoughts From Others:

ErinOrtlund said...

True! It will be an historic election no matter who wins! My guess is I will still vote for Obama, but I am interested in learning more about McCain/Palin. She seems very intriguing--a governor who is a mother of 5 and a hunter and an evangelical. Gotta give her credit!

The Campbell Family said...

I couldn't wait to get home to see what you thought about this choice. I've said many times I am not up on politics but I have never even heard of this woman. Guess I have some work to do over the next few months.

Camille said...

No one has heard of her unless you are from Alaska. But that's OK -- I just like that McCain had the guts to pick her anyway.

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