Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We are slowly, but surely, unpacking in between family "events"/activities. My husband and I continue to pinch ourselves -- we feel so blessed by this new home! We went back to the old apartment yesterday to clean and I was shocked at how small it is. I was willing to live there as long as need be to keep our housing expenses down even if that meant. I still can't believe we can afford our 4 year old condo instead of that 20 year old apartment.

It really is the small things in life that are delightful:

An entire drawer for storage bags and wraps (these used to be on a shelf in my laundry room that was hard to reach).

Another drawer just for kitchen towels and dishrags (these used to be housed on a wire shelving unit that is for the bathroom, but was in our bedroom!).

A HUGE freezer (all that food FILLED my old freezer PLUS I added in a half-gallon of ice cream, the ice cream bowl for the maker and 2 whole chickens and I STILL have room! Ok, this looks full, but there is tons of room in there. Trust me.).

I realize the newness will wear off and eventually this will be the place where we live, but I hope it isn't for a long, long time.

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Anonymous said...

How wonderful & congrats on your "Home Sweet Home "! Mary

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