Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Homemade Bagels

I've been on this "make it from scratch" kick lately. I prefer to make everything I possibly can from scratch, but sometimes time and energy win out and I just buy it instead. Bagels are a favorite breakfast food around here, but they can get really expensive. Unless I find them on clearance or we make it to Harry's Bagelmania on Tuesday for buy one get on free dozens, we don't eat many bagels. I made bagels once about 10 years ago (way before "love and marriage") and really enjoyed the process. I decided to try again this past weekend following Laura's recipe. They aren't pretty, but they're pretty good (I prefer an everything or salt bagel myself). I figure that if my bagel-loving, Jewish, New Yorker husband will eat them, they can't be that bad. He also informed me that a 2 inch hole is uncalled for. The goal is to make the bagel with the tiniest hole possible. Duly noted.

The bagels are not hard to make, they are just a tad time consuming. Bagels are broiled, boiled, and baked! But these are a FABULOUS kid project. Three year old Ella helped and it was one recipe where she really could help me quite a bit.

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