Monday, July 13, 2009

How to Make the Most of Museums

I had heard from a friend that our local children's museum had just finished some renovations. We haven't been in a few years. We took Sarah once when she was 5 and it was great for her, but the museum itself was looking worn. We took Ella two years ago when she was just over one year and she really wasn't quite old enough. We decided to give it a whirl again, but I went in to shock at the admission prices! YIKES! On a whim I investigated the membership options and found that a year membership (which includes free admission all year) is the same price as two trips to the museum for our entire family.

When we got to the museum they allowed us to pay for the day admission, but we could come back on our way out and apply the admission towards the membership if we wanted. This way I could see how the kids did and if we would be coming back.

The new additions to the museum are fabulous and ALL of us had a fantastic time! I happily paid the balance for the yearly admission. Our membership also includes "Members Only" events and next Friday there is an ice cream social for members after the museum closes. Fun!

Sarah helping Ella paint in the Pre-school area of the museum

Sarah and Daddy in the hurricane simulator

We had drag them out of the kids' radio exhibit -- we definitely have some karaoke queens in the future!

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