Friday, July 3, 2009

Success in the Kitchen

I posted a really along time ago about the challenges of feeding a kid who doesn't live with you full time and thus is not used to my style of cooking. Sarah is with us for 4 weeks during the summer and this year she and I sat down together and made the menus at least most of the time. The past week or so I've been winging our meals just because we've been moving and unpacking.

I'm planning to try some once a month cooking this month and I ran across this recipe for Monterrey Jack Quesedillas. One thing Sarah truly loves to eat are McDonalds chicken snack wraps with honey barbecue sauce so I was pretty sure these would be a hit -- and they were! In fact she was so excited that she jumped in and cooked them up for me (and asked if we had leftover for tonight for dinner!). I had planned to freeze half the batch, but they were all devoured.

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