Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

This was my first Mother's Day with Ella and she decided to spend all day with mommy showing me how much she can't be without me (even for a potty break). We dedicated Ella at church in the morning, went swimming in the afternoon and then had a special dinner of ribeye steaks on the grill in the evening. Daddy did a bang up job of cooking! Aunt Michelle joined us for dinner and brought a Dairy Queen ice cream cake -- YUM! I got a very special call from my niece, Taylor in New York. She called to wish me a very special first Mother's Day with Ella.

Unfortunately, we didn't think to get any pictures of the day. Huh. Aunt Michelle got lots at the Baby Dedication, but is putting them on a CD for me! Here are some random ones from last week. The cake and Aunt Michelle pics are from Mother's Day.

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