Tuesday, May 29, 2007

IKEA Customer Service

We love IKEA (as evidenced by an entire 2 day trip focused around IKEA). When we were deciding where to move after living in Flagstaff, one major draw back to Vegas was no IKEA (there is one in Phoenix). But we figured that surely it won't take the IKEA people long to figure out that Vegas needs a store, too!

Our major purchase this weekend was this. When you buy a bed frame at IKEA, you go see a sales person so they can make sure you get ALL the parts of the frame. The frames require multiple boxes. Our sales person gave us two items to get. When you go down to the self-serve area, there are neon signs on bed frames that require multiple boxes. Ours had no such sign. Good. No problem. We found them, we got them.

We got home. Mitch took apart our king size bed and frame. Mitch put together the IKEA king size frame. We were missing a part. The midbeam. A $10 item that no one told us we needed. So we tried to call the store. Turns out, you can't call the store. You call a call center, they take your complaint and the store calls you back. See, we can get the midbeam, but we dont' feel we should have to pay the $18.51 in shipping. The person on the phone told us that ALL BED FRAMES at IKEA need the midbeam. No one told us and it wasn't posted anywhere.

Talk about frustration. So we are now waiting for a phone call back from the store. At this point, we're disappointed in IKEA's way of handling our problem. This is very sad because we love IKEA and we don't want problems with them. But we'll see what the store has to say about this mess....

We had a few other problems at this IKEA so maybe we just need to go to the one in Burbank next time.

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The Campbell Family said...

WHAT A BEAUTIFUL BED!!! Nice purchase - all the parts or not. :) Hope they get that worked out for you!

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