Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Politics of Diapers

I am a conservative Christian politically and morally speaking. I believe in an absolute truth, in limited government and privatization. I do not like to be labeled "moderate" or even "liberal".

But I have a few secrets.

I don't believe in gun control. I believe we should take guns off the street and make everything except hunting rifles illegal. I am tired of white men sitting in the White House. I will probably vote for a democrat in the next election just to move this country ahead (even though the thought if higher taxes annoys me).

And... I am "green". I would shop at Whole Foods and buy all organic if my budget allowed (it doesn't). I hate disposable anything thus I don't allow paper plates in my house (much to the chagrin of my husband). And I really hate disposable diapers. So I am switching to cloth not only for their "Green" benefit, but because I can spend about $200 and never have to buy another diaper again. Ever.

Cloth diapers have come a long way since they were used on my baby bum. The ones I'm using now are all in 1 piece -- diaper and cover. They have Velcro or snaps -- no pins needed. They are so SOFT! It means a bit more laundry and organization on my part, but Ella seems so much more comfortable in them. I couldn't even smell her dirty diapers (she's used 2 and pooped in them both!). Plus the come in a rainbow of gorgeous colors.

I also found a company who provides "Diaper Grants" to missionaries. They send them cloth diapers to use on their kids, free of charge. You can find them here and hopefully I'll put a permanent link up on this blog.

There you are. The "liberal" in me has reared it's head. My father will be ashamed. My younger (not youngest) sister will be proud (she has an inner liberal as well!). And my daughter will be diapered in soft cottony bliss until she learns to use the potty.

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