Friday, May 25, 2007

Mitch: In Action

Last night was Mitch's spring concert -- marking the end of his 2nd year at Centennial! The third year officially begins next week when the new marching band music is revealed... but I can't tell you what that is until next week. It is TOP SECRET!

Last night's program included the jazz band playing a tune composed by Mitch entitled "CC's Groove".... guess who that is named after. The band also played "Washington Post March" (Sousa); Lincolnshire Posey (Grainger); and Superman (Williams). All of which are Grade 5 and 6 -- college level and above. Those kids, all 35 of them, nailed the pieces. It was really great!

I took some pictures last night, which turned out VERY badly, but still, you can see Mitch in action. These are from the warm up time -- the ones taken on stage really are awful.

I also snapped some shots of the new band uniforms -- the blue are the standard uniform and the white is the drum major. Interestingly, the school district purchases new uniforms for each high school every 8 years. That's $35,000 a pop.

The bands out here have their own names. Mitch's band is "Centennial Sound". The uniform is based on their logo:

I think you can see that logo on the pants as well. It won't show unless the kids take off their jackets (which they do at competitions).

And here's Ella crawling around a really, really filthy band room floor....

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The Campbell Family said...

Love the uniforms! Glad you pointed out they were warm up pictures as I was feeling sorry for them having to play in a classroom! Probably will not sleep until that new music is revealed. I am on pins and needles!

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