Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Road Trip!

It was Memorial Day weekend and we intentionally had absolutely no plans. Mitch took Friday off so we were able to get all of your errands done before the weekend officially started. Saturday morning dawned and we were eating breakfast and talking about getting some shelves when Mitch asked if I wanted to go to IKEA. There are two IKEAS in the Los Angeles area -- a 4 hour drive one way from Vegas. I was a bit hesitant to drive 8 hours in one day with a 10 month old so we looked on-line to see if we could find a hotel for $50. Turns out, you can find a hotel on Memorial Day weekend for $39.99 in Barstow, California. So in about an hour we got everyone dressed and packed and out the door we went!

First stop: Primm, Nevada for lunch and shopping at the Primm Valley Outlets

Daddy & Ella outside the Casino/Hotel.

Ella's first Jello experience at lunch. Mommy had a BOGO free coupon for the buffet! Yum!

Second stop: Barstow, California
We spent the night at the Motel 6

And had dinner at Bun Boy.

Sunday morning we left Barstow and headed to IKEA in Covina, California.

Third stop: IKEA, Covina, California

FIVE HOURS later (we did stop for Swedish meatballs in the cafe)...we got back on the road.

Last stop: Big Boy, Barstow, California
After 5 hours in a shopping cart, 2 hours in the car and 30 minutes in a high chair, Ella needed to stretch her legs. So we played on the grass outside of Big Boy for a while.

We got all of our loot from IKEA home safely and spent Sunday re-decorating. Mostly we bought shelves and moved all of our stuff UP and out of the grasp of little girls. We decided to renew our lease and stay in this apartment for another fun-filled year and we needed to make it a bit more kid-proof.

I am a planner by nature so I'm not really the spur of the moment kind of person. This weekend was tons of fun, though, just because it was spur of the moment! Can't wait until Mitch decides to do it again!

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The Campbell Family said...

5 hours? AY! I think Ella should have gotten that cute little chair as her reward for staying calm for 5 hours. I'm not certain I could do that!

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