Thursday, May 10, 2007

Karin's Response

So my younger (not youngest) sister has a response to my statement that she has an inner liberal. You can read it on her blog: The Ramblings (you should read other posts too -- she's really funny!).

Maybe she doesn't have an inner liberal... just an inner hippie. :-P

On a side note, I had read earlier in the year that Mitt Romney may be the Republican forerunner for the 2008 Presidential elections. Mitt Romney is a Mormon. Mormonism is NOT, I repeat NOT, Christianity. For the sake of argument let us say that it comes down to Mitt Romney, a Mormon, and a Democrat who is a Christian (or at least professes to be). Then what, dear conservative friends? Having lived in a city that is second in Mormon population only to Salt Lake City, rest assured that we have done our homework on that "religion" and I am absolutely not comfortable as a Christian with a Mormon in the White House. It down right scares me.

Mitt Romney is also the commencement speaker this year at Hillsdale College. That also bothers this Christian moderate conservative.

I have very, very grave concerns. If you believe that God should be a part of politics, then you should not be supporting this man. Email me if you want more details on Mormonism. I have a great study on Mormonism from the Christian perspective written by a former Mormon (he is our Young Couples minister at church). It even comes with a DVD.

Anyway... I'm jumping on Karin's bandwagon. I'm not liberal, I'm not moderate, I'm not conservative...

I am just smart.

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The Campbell Family said...

Hey, hey, hey! Let's get back to the cute baby pictures. Stop with the politics, already. I'd rather talk about poopy diapers...

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