Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Day at the Museum

My sister and I took the kids to Centennial Day at the Clark County Museum today (Clark County turns 100 years old on July 1st). We have never been to this open air museum despite wanting to go for there Halloween and Christmas activities. We had a wonderful and will definitely be back! I highly, highly recommend this museum!

A Model A police car. Let's hope that is as close to one of those Ella ever gets!

Making butter -- so cool! There was cream in there with a small bead. We shook and shook it and sure enough, it made butter. Very cool kid project!

Each house at the museum is decorated from a different era. Today each house also had a recipe from that era. I had to let Ella hold mine so she'd take a picture (that is the paper in her hand).

The coolest quilt puzzle -- I need to figure out how to make this!

Me learning how to tie a quilt.

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