Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Eating More Fruits and Veggies with the Relish Tray

About two weeks ago Laura over at Heavenly Homemakers challenged her readers to get healthier by eating more fruits and veggies. I have definitely been very lazy about serving veggies around here so I made a conscious effort to make sure we had fruit and/or veggies at every meal. I also realized that we get a lot more servings of fruits and veggies than I thought we did -- one apple is two servings!

Then Christy at A Southern Plate blogged about the good old fashioned relish tray. I immediately fell in love with the idea of having a cute little tray of fresh snacks for everyone to eat throughout the day and at meals. I immediately jumped over to eBay to look up relish trays and started debating whether to bid on one or to wait and search yard sales when I had to stop my daydreaming to make lunch.

As I was looking for a pie plate for lunch, I happened upon a chip/dip set that Sarah painted about 4 years ago. I love it, but I never get to use it. Viola! The official Gabel Relish Tray. The picture above is the second filling of the tray -- the first go around was inhaled. I mostly have fruit because I am scarce on fresh veggies (they are all frozen in the freezer). But I am planning to fill that puppy up as often as needed this summer and have fresh fruits and veggies for everyone to snack on.

Thanks Laura and Christy for the inspiration to eat healthier and use something I love and cherish in the process!

2 Thoughts From Others:

Jen said...

GREAT idea, Cam!!!!

Kelly said...

Yess!! Awesome idea! (I haven't posted a link up cuz I'm waiting to read everyones ideas to get inspiration) Thank you~

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