Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dinner Disaster

Have you ever had one of those dinners that just plain bombs? Usually for me a bombed meal involves a new recipe or difficult kids distracting me. But yesterday, the Pizza in a Pot was just not happening.

I had planned a Crock Pot meal because my son had to go see a surgeon (outpatient surgery next week). I got all the pieces of the dish together by 1 PM and turned the Crock Pot on at 2 PM so that it would be done around 5 PM.

We got home from the doctor around 4:30 PM. I had turned the Crock Pot on, but had not plugged it in.

So I turned it on and we went out to eat (I wimped out. I could've thrown something together, but I was tired, frustrated, and hungry.).

At 7 PM my husband asked if he should turn the Crock Pot off. I told him no, I wanted to wait until 7:30 PM.

At 8:45 PM I realized I hadn't turned off the Crock Pot yet! So I went over to check it and took off the lid to let it cool.

At 9:15 PM I heard some gurgling noises. I had taken the lid off the Crock Pot but had not TURNED IT OFF!

The very well done Pizza in a Pot is now in the fridge for lunch. And I'm really hoping the rest of the week's dinners go better!

1 Thoughts From Others:

Karin said...

I tried not to laugh, but I've had that day. Mine was chicken noodle soup, though. Thank goodness it was winter and the house was cold, or we would've thrown it all away!

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