Sunday, May 31, 2009

Homemade Corn Dogs

I am not a corn dog fan. One is usually more than enough for me. My husband, however, LOVES corn dogs. Last summer I went far, far away (5 months pregnant alone on an airplane for 5 hours with a two year old -- WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?!.)My husband dropped us off at the airport and went directly to Sam's to purchase the biggest container of corn dogs he could. Barf. I've actually been meaning to make homemade corn dogs since then. I finally got around to it today. The delicious recipe I used is here.

I did make a few minor changes. First, I used craft sticks (like Popsicle sticks) rather than lollipop sitcks because I have them in the house (thanks, Michelle!). They worked fine. You just have to be careful not to bust open the hot dog when inserting them. I also ended up pouring the batter on to a plate to roll the hot dogs. This was easier than trying to roll the dogs around the mixing bowl.

When frying: you really don't need much oil at all and make sure to fry at a LOW HEAT. See that burned dog? That was on high heat (I think I thought I was deep frying or something). I turned them using the sticks -- I waited until the dough was set and the hot dog didn't come out of the dough when I pulled up. Or you could just flip them with a pancake turner (that's what you probably call a spatula, but it's correct name is a pancake turner. I'm full of useless information).

This was a super quick and easy recipe. I promise it will be a big hit with the corn dog lover in your house!

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maygan said...

looks funny, but sounds good. I have a ton of hotdogs sitting in the freezer, may have to try this!

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