Monday, June 1, 2009

Going Paperless

The pile of paper napkins in the house is dwindling and I started getting nervous because we are switching to cloth napkins...only I don't have any. Well, I do, but they go with a gorgeous tablecloth I bought in Damascus (as in Syria) and we are NOT using those. I just kept debating whether to buy them or make them. I've read some posts on making cloth napkins out of old sheets and while that my be inexpensive it's...BORING. Who wants boring white napkins? Not me! I looked on Etsy and there are lots of cute ones, but yikes are they pricey!

And then I took a serendipitous trip to Bed, Bath, and Beyond for a laundry rack and I found these beauties:

There are 12 in a pack (two of each color) and they were $9.99. BUT! I have a huge collection of 20% off coupons (BBB will take them regardless of the expiration date) so the napkins cost me $8.00 for 12 or $.67/each. Not bad! I'm thinking I may go back and get 2-3 more sets just so we can all use the same color at the same time. Good thing I have a few more coupons around here!

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