Monday, June 8, 2009

The New Cable

As I have mentioned we are tentatively planning a move to our new condo. I say tentatively because I won't believe it until we have the keys in our hands! Real estate is finicky! As we will (hopefully) be moving in to a more permanent place, we are debating what to do about our cable, internet, and phone services. Right now our cable is included in our rent, which is the only reason we even have it because I think it is the most overpriced, unnecessary bill we would have. After two years with cable, though, there are definitely shows I would miss, but the cost is just not worth it (to me!).

I found the answer to overpriced cable when I was perusing my husband's Facebook page. I noticed one of his friends uses a combination of bunny ears (soon to be obsolete, but there is still free TV with the digital gear), Hulu (we watch "24" on Hulu and love it) and Netflix. Brilliant! Even at $16.99 for the most expensive Netflix plan we'll be saving tons of money over basic cable starting at $40.00.

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