Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Whirlwind Begins

Monday is my husband's, the teacher, last day of school. I am obviously very much looking forward to having him (and the car!!) around over the summer. You would think that Monday would signal a down shift in our life. Not exactly. On Tuesday Miles is having surgery (Tuesday morning); on Thursday Hubby and Miles are leaving for NYC for 5 days where they will visit with family and pick up Sarah; my sister and I are taking Ella to Disneyland Thursday through Saturday (she turns 3 in July so this is my last chance to get her in for FREE); and somewhere in that mess we're HOPEFULLY closing on our condo. Most likely we'll close just before Hubby gets back from NY which means I will have the pleasure of signing papers and closing on our first home purchase alone.

After Mitch, Miles, and Sarah get back from NY we'll continue packing and moving. We have to be out of our current apartment by July 1st. I was hoping to have all that done before Sarah arrived, but I read in this book that often kids in divorce situations miss out on these kind of "big" changes. One person in the book talked about how unsettling it was to leave and come back to a new place to live, new furniture or even just new paint! So I'm glad Sarah will be here to experience the move and make that change with us.

It's going to be a busy week if not few weeks so bear with me if my posting is a bit sporadic!

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Jen said...

haha - may this move be easier than when you moved into your current apartment :)

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