Thursday, June 25, 2009


Back in April my husband's dad told him that buying/selling homes were some of the most stressful times in his life. At the time, I was thinking it was all pretty easy. HA! We gave ourselves 6 extra weeks from closing date to the end of our lease. Plenty of time... unless your closing gets pushed back 5 weeks. Usually when we move I'm able to call weeks ahead and arrange to have the electricity, gas, water, and cable switched over. This time I had to do it on Tuesday evening for a Friday move. The cable company is coming tomorrow while the movers are here packing up. The electric and gas companies told me it would be Monday. That was fine until the seller of the house had the electric and gas TURNED OFF TODAY! While the house is half-painted and we have to move tomorrow. I think I managed to get it taken care of .. actually my absolutely awesome real estate agent, Kim, got it taken care of. I'm wishing we could have afforded a bigger house so she could have made more money because she MORE than earned her commission!

Hopefully all will be painted and we'll be set to go tomorrow. The desert heat helps the paint dry very quickly so as long as it gets on the wall, we should be good. Meanwhile, I'll be unplugging the computer soon and re-plugging in tomorrow. I hope to be back soon with pictures!

Until then....I'll see you on the flip side!

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