Friday, May 22, 2009

Six Months!

Our Little Man turned 6 months old yesterday and he has been BUSY the past week or so. He started rolling over last week much to delight of his sister. He also grew his first tooth, which I discovered on Saturday. He is now reaching for items he wants, including the remote control (it must be coded in the male genes) and is playing with and chewing on toys. I'm glad to see him progressing, but am sad to see the days of him laying there happy as a lark go away. I did manage to get him to smile a bit for the camera (he's fascinated with the thing so he rarely gives us one of his great smiles for photos!).

Miles also started on food yesterday. His first official meal consisted of green beans. This morning I gave him some rice cereal, went to clean up, and suddenly noticed how quiet it was....

Happy 6 months, Miles!

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