Thursday, May 14, 2009

Melt In Your Mouth Cinnamon Rolls

I've been making homemade cinnamon rolls for about 4-5 years now using a recipe out of the book Miserly Moms (my book is about 15 years old, I think). Those rolls in a tube have NOTHING on homemade rolls! Yesterday I needed to make some rolls for my women's Small Group this morning, but I didn't have time to start from scratch. I did, however, have some of this dough in the fridge so I gave it a whirl.

I ended up with the best, melt in your mouth, OMG delicious cinnamon rolls I've ever eaten (or made!). My sister and husband agreed that I could make serious cash selling those puppies.

I intended to make "mini" rolls (easier to keep the kids happy without so much sugar), but they ended up way bigger than I intended (still on the smaller side). I pulled out about 1/4 of the batch of dough and rolled it out on the counter to about 14 inches long and 6 inches wide. Next I spread roughly 2 Tablespoons of butter over the dough (using a small off-set spatula). Then I sprinkled about 1/4 cup of brown sugar and 1-3 Tablespoons of cinnamon on the dough. I rolled it up, and sliced it about every 1/2 inch or so. I put the slices in an 8X8 lightly greased square cake pan, covered it with plastic wrap, and let them rise for about 3 hours. I baked them at 400 degrees for 10 minutes (in the toaster oven). When the came out of the oven, I immediately spread vanilla frosting on them (homemade cream cheese is better, but I was in a pinch and a rush). I let them cool in the pan, covered with foil, and took them this morning (the second pan was inhaled last night by the adults in my home).

Trust me, you will not be sorry you made these. Well, you might be sorry when you eat the entire pan yourself, but you know what I mean.

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