Sunday, August 16, 2009

As Summer Winds Down...

My husband "officially" goes back to work this week. He has "unofficially" been working every evening last week. I will definitely miss having him around, but I'm also looking forward to getting back on to a schedule. I do love my schedule! I'm also sad that I'm losing car privileges during the weekdays. We only have one vehicle so it goes to work with hubby. I've been enjoying the freedom of picking up and going whenever I want. We did, however, move closer to work so if the kids are up early enough, I can always drive him up to work and have the car for the day. Right now they aren't getting up early enough, though!

Ella is three now and while we won't be putting her in any formal schooling, I would like to begin some very basic "school" activities with her. I'm hoping to work more on recognizing letters and numbers -- that's it really! I've been perusing various homeschooling curriculum and have everything from very relaxed to very structured 3 year old programs. I really think Ella would love to read soon. She spends hours a day looking at books -- many of them books I'm reading! She is currently enamored with my copy of "Black's Law Dictionary"!

My sister has enrolled Ella in a 6 week T-ball program, which I'm thrilled about! And I'm getting her involved with AWANA this year. I'm trying really hard to balance NOT over scheduling, while still wanting Ella to get out of the house. Without the car during the day, evenings are our best opportunity to GO!

I should also be blogging more now that summer is over. Miles, however, is up and crawling so we'll see how much extra time I have to spend chasing him down!

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Anonymous said...

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Camille said...

Mary, thanks for the letter of the week link! It's great! We love Starfall as well. Our oldest had some issues learning to read and it was a great resource for her.

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