Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Princess and the Awkward Mom

This weekend my daughter was invited to a birthday party for a friend. I accepted the invitation despite the fact it would conflict with our normal church attendance because relationships are important (or at least my sister convinced me as such!). The little girl was having a princess tea party so Ella was thrilled to play with all the other princesses (she was Belle). It's really funny how they are all convinced that the other girls are THE ACTUAL princesses! As more people arrived at the party I found myself in an awkward situation: I didn't know anyone except the birthday girl and her mother (who obviously was VERY occupied)!

We know this friend through my women's Bible study so it never occurred to me that 1) we would be the only ones from that group in attendance and 2) that people have OTHER friends outside of the circle in which I am in (DUH!). I'm not exactly a shy person, but I was tired and had been looking forward to the easy chatter amongst friends while our kids played. The other moms at the party were very nice, but I was quite obviously the odd man out. Let's face it -- it's hard to include one other "outsider" when the rest of the entire group knows each other. I think I was just so taken aback that no one I knew was there that I spent the entire party processing!

It was one of those awkward moments (or awkward 2 hours) that I would never have even thought about before having kids.

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Chief Family Officer said...

Aw, I'm sorry you had to deal with that! I hate those moments. But I think it also has to do with the other moms and how willing they are to include another person. Since the spring, I've worked myself and my kids into a new playgroup, and they other women in the group have been absolutely WONDERFUL about welcoming us with open arms. So while I understand the other women's position too, I also think they could have been more accommodating!

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