Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Trip to the Farm

For the past four years, I have lamented the lack of good, locally grown produce in Las Vegas. The local "Farmers Markets" are full of cooked food vendors and crafts with maybe one farmer whose price are sky high. We don't have any CSA's in town. It is sad, sad, sad.

We recently moved and the name of our new street is the same as a local "orchard". I vaguely recall reading an article or something on the orchard when we first moved to town, but never investigated any further. Until today and what a wonderful, wonderful place it is! The best part is that it is a mere 5 minute drive from our home!

Gilcrease Orchard is a local farm open three half-days a week. It is pick your own and prices run about $1.00/pound. It is the most beautiful this local-produce craving Mama has ever seen. We bought the largest zucchini and cucumbers I have ever seen in my life. We also picked tomatoes, eggplant, and pears. I don't know why it took me so long to get there, but I plan to go back as often as I need fresh veggies and fruit.

5 Thoughts From Others:

The Campbell Family said...

Wow! that is some good looking food! would your dirt pile out back take to a garden? if you had water, that is. just wondering if the ground would grow anything.

Camille said...

I am planning to put in a small raised bed garden out back. Our "soil" has a high PH so I'll have to fill it with dirt I buy elsewhere. But we do get 2 growing seasons, which is fun!

Karin said...

It's the toothless grin!!! :) And a cute haircut to boot!

Camille said...

Yup! We had a couple of $2.99 coupons for Great Clips so she and Daddy went and got a trim. I did a REALLY bad job last time I cut her hair!

ErinOrtlund said...

That place looks great!

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