Monday, August 17, 2009

Grilled Pizza

I have spent all summer trying to get around to making pizza on the grill and last week I FINALLY did it! ALL BY MYSELF! I do not use the grill often because up until this summer we had a charcoal grill. But my sister bought us a Home Depot Gift Card, which magically turned in to a gas grill and I am raring to go -- I have a brisket in the fridge right now just waiting to be cooked.

I did not have any of my bread dough in the fridge so I had to improvise. I used Real Mom Kitchen's Fast and Easy Pizza Dough instead. I rolled dough out to about 6-7 inches and lightly greased both sides of the dough. I got all my toppings, sauce, and cheese into bowls, put them on a cookie sheet and headed outside.

I had my hubby pre-heat the grill on high for 15 minutes then I plopped the dough on the grill and close the lid for roughly 2 minutes. They burned so next time I plop them on, cover, and turn down the heat.

I took the pizzas off the grill and put them on the cookie sheet, cooked side up, and covered with sauce, cheese, and toppings. They went back on the grill for about 5 minutes, covered, on low heat. This may have been TOO low as it took the cheese forever to melt (but it was frozen to begin with so you know....).

The pizzas were good. Not great, but good. I want to play around with my usual dough and the heat and time for cooking them. But between my pitas earlier this summer and the pizza -- I'm become a huge fan of bread cooked on the grill!

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