Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cool Cuts 4 Kids

We took Ella to get her hair trimmed today. I just wanted some shape and to get rid of the scraggly ends. I decided to try out Cool Cuts 4 Kids and it was awesome! I am pretty sure we could have dropped off Ella and left as she paid no attention to us whatsoever. She sat in a yellow car and watched "Melmo" (Sesame Street) and did not budge an inch except when the hairstylist got in the way of her seeing the TV! It was pricey at $17 before tip but totally worth the stress free visit! She got a balloon and they even gave us a "First Haircut" keepsake.

Unfortunately, I forgot the camera and the cell phone was home charging so no pictures. Here are some take tonight -- her hair looks so blonde to me now.

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