Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Picture Day

Last week was Picture "Day". We ended up going twice because Ella was such a handful! She refused to sit still -- at all. I wasn't planning to order any pictures of Ella, just of Sarah and the two together, but we got a good one so I ordered it!

Sarah was great with pictures from 3 until about 6. Then from 6-7 we got "the flash hurts my eyes" phase. This summer, though, she was totally in to it. I did not like any of the photos at the first session of her (at Target) and she was having so much fun that I re-booked her and took her back alone a few days later (to JC Penney). I can't wait to show you those! We put a basketball in her hand for a prop and the girl's whole demeanor changed -- she relaxed and totally lit up.

3 Thoughts From Others:

Grandma said...

They look so cute...dressed alike! How do you manage to do that when there is such an age/size difference? Good job, Mom.

Camille said...

The Children's Place! They have matching outfits from infant to kids. But Sarah is at the upper size there so I'll be out of luck soon.

Nerdy said...

Those are adorable pictures. I love the one of them hugging.

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