Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ella's "Bubbles"

Ella has been fascinated with her Aunt Michelle's painted toe nails for the past several months. When Babcia (her grandma) showed up with painted toe nails, Ella fell in love again with Babcia's "Mimi's". Yesterday afternoon Mimi told Ella that if she sat very still, Mimi would paint her toe nails.

Lo and behold, the not-yet-2-year-old who can't sit still for anything sat perfectly still while Mimi painted her toes! Michelle blew on Ella's toes to help them dry quickly. In Ella's world when you blow on something, you get bubbles. Thus she now has pink "bubbles" on her toes.

I wondered of Ella would be a girly girl or not. Sarah is all about pink, purple, glitter, jewelery, long hair and make up -- she is all girl! Looks like I will have at least two fairy princesses in my life.

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