Sunday, June 8, 2008

Staying Cool

I was reading a few bloggers this morning located on the east coast and southeast -- everyone is talking about the hot, humid weather. Surprisingly, we have had a very cool start to our summer. By May of last year we were in lock down with the AC on full-time. The 4th of July was brutal, near 120 degrees with an excessive heat warning so we stayed indoors all day (not what I had planned on!). But we have yet to turn on our AC full-time this year. Our windows are open from the time we get up until mid-afternoon. Our lows at night are still in the high-60's/low 70's (sometimes our low at night is around 100 degrees). Last week we had two days when we didn't even turn on the AC! In June! It really isn't uncomfortable until we get around 110 degrees (honest). I know it will happen eventually, but so far this has been the best summer in the desert.

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