Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Girl Loves Shoes

Ella has been quite frustrated that her shoes do not show off her newly painted toe nails. She loves her Crocs, but they hide her "bubbles"! She has a pair of flip flops that she loves to wear, but the kept falling off. So yesterday we went on a hunt for flip flops with elastic on the back.

We hit three stores before I found some -- and by this point Ella was BORED. In the midst of a meltdown, I asked her if she wanted to try on shoes. She immediately sat down and stuck out her feet. I think she would have sat there all day trying on shoes! Later in the evening Babcia brought home some new PJs for Ella and new shoes for Mommy. The PJs were tossed on the ground so Ella could try on and walk around in my new shoes.

I think we're in serious trouble! She always picks out her own shoes to wear and refuses to wear anything BUT those shoes.

4 Thoughts From Others:

Karin said...

A girl after my own heart.

The Campbell Family said...

You need a little boy to help average that out. They could care less what they wear... :)

Jen said...

oh great...a girly girl. What a cutie!:) I love the naked baby dolly - I guess it's the desert and it's too hot to wear clothes :)

Ashley said...
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