Monday, January 19, 2009


Ella officially turned 2.5 years old yesterday. I am hoping this means we have turned a new tide as we head towards 3! She has finally started to go to bed without a fight. I'm wondering if the new, comfy bunk beds are helping with that. Her old bed was a very old hand me down and not very comfortable. Whatever it is, I'm thankful for a quiet home no later than 8 PM every night.

Ella can count to ten (skipping five and six); knows that "E is for Ella"; knows a few shapes (triangle is her favorite); and is still working on the difference between blue and green. She knows and loves black, pink, and purple. Ella is starting to work on her letters and will randomly name them when singing or talking to herself.

Ella is a talker and a singer and she does both non-stop when she is awake. Her favorite toys are her dolls and her books. She will spend a lot of the day sitting on the floor looking at books. Recently she's started bringing books to us stating "Ella read to you", which is funny because she NEVER lets anyone read a book to her! Ever.

Ella calls Miles, "Miles Brother". When I tell her that her friend Ali has a brother, David, Ella flat out tells me "No, Miles Brother, not David." I don't think it helps that Miles' middle name is Xavier which sounds a lot like brother!

We've been trying to teach Ella her last name, but she gets VERY upset when you tell her she's Ella Gabel. She will insist that "No Ella Babel. Mommy Babel" (I think it's because her friends call me Mrs. Gabel).

Yesterday, Ella started telling me "Ella soaking wet" when she needed her diaper changed. While she goes on the potty every night before her bath, I'm waiting on potty training until Miles is a bit older (maybe when he's 10?? he ha). Hopefully she'll be all finished by the Fall!

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robin said...

Hi Cammie! How fun to learn about Ella! My brother and his wife have a three year-old daughter and a newborn (2 week-old!) son, and they're taking the same tack as you on potty training her- "we'll just wait a li---ttle bit longer!" :)

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