Friday, March 21, 2008

Look Who's Riding A Bike!

Last summer we picked up a used bike for Sarah to learn to ride. We have a smaller bike with training wheels, but she had obviously outgrown it. Sarah adamantly refused to learn to ride the bike. Mitch took her out once and that was the end of that.

I was frustrated. Not because she didn't know how to ride a bike, but because fear was keeping her from learning. Sarah is not the bravest of souls and we have always tried to encourage her to be brave and try new things. As she gets older she gets a teeny bit braver every year, but having patience with her fearful nature has always been a struggle for my adventurous personality.

On the way home from the airport the other night/morning, she said she wanted to ride her bike. And today she did! I am so proud of her for overcoming that fear! She's off riding around with the other kids telling her Dad "I love my bike! I love it!"

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Karin said...

Hey Sarah! I'll try to remember to bring my bike the next time we're both in Michigan...there are some fun places to ride in Scottville!

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