Sunday, March 2, 2008


This is what Ella told me about 3 days ago while pointing to her right ear. Oy! This would be 4 ear infections since mid-December. We have a follow-up doc appointment next week from the LAST ear infection so I decided to try some natural alternatives in the meantime. We've been giving Ella Motrin and Tylenol for the pain, Sweet Echinacea (she loves the stuff), Collodial Silver (a natural anti-biotic), and Wally's Ear Oil (she loves these too, but it leaves her hair greasy around her ears). Within an hour of the first dose of all the above, Ella's mood went from cranky to happy. I'm not sure if it is curing the infection, but if it keeps me from pulling my hair out, I'll take it. Also, all the above cost way more than a trip to the doc and a prescription. So I'm not sure about the cost/benefit analysis. Part of the benefit, though, is to not use too many antibiotics so perhaps it is worthwhile. I do recommend the above combo for an alternative solution for ear infections. It will be interesting to see what the doctor sees next week.

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