Saturday, March 29, 2008

Why Do They ALWAYS Pick Us?

About two weeks ago or so I headed out of our apartment to get the mail. As I rounded the corner towards the front of the community, a little orange kitten attached himself to me (it may have helped that I petted him). I didn't really expect him to follow me. It's not a long walk -- Ella usually goes with us and walks there and back with no problem -- but it's not just down the sidewalk either. But that cat followed me all the way to the mailbox AND BACK! I couldn't believe it.

Ever since our little evening walk, that little guy has been hanging around our porch. He really, really adores Felix (our 4 year old male cat). Unfortunately, Felix is not in to other cats (other than Violet, our 6 year old cat, and she's just OK to beat up on). This morning, Ella noticed him during breakfast at the patio door. She and Mitch went out and we brought the little guy some food and water (he was famished).

We let him inside briefly, but he's kinda dirty and he's not neutered. He poked around inside and then fond what he was looking for -- Felix. When Felix when out, so did he. When we closed the door on him, he sat there and HOWLED!

We went grocery shopping and came back about two hours later and there hew as on the patio, asleep.

This is not the first stray kitten to adopt us. He is the third in four years. And we are big softies! The other two we took to shelters. I'm not sure about this one. He is super sweet and he loves Ella! But a third cat...? In an apartment...? I'm not so hot on that one. I'm sure we'll find a good home for him soon!

3 Thoughts From Others:

Karin said...

Just don't name him...once you do that, it's over.

(I'll send the money for the snip-snip...he's too cute to go away!)

(And don't let Michelle name him...she'll call him Orangey or Stripey, or something as equally original)

Jen said...

(1) he looks JUST like Bailey!!!

(2) be careful - when a nice little kitty followed my mom all the way home once (she was out walking) and we kind of adopted it, my mom ended up in the hospital to have surgery, I ended up with a huge concussion after passing out at the vet's office, and we had a huge vet bill on our hands after having to taking it to the vet several times and eventually had to put it to sleep. But he was a cute little thing!

The Campbell Family said...

Oh, is he precious. I love orange kitties!

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