Friday, March 21, 2008

Makin' Money

I am always looking for a way to make a few extra dollars here and there. Every little bit helps! So I found this article at Money Saving Mom very informative. I decided to give Cash Crate a try. I figure if I can average $2/day, that's $60/month. For doing nothing. A few tips Crystal mentioned:

1) Set up a junk email address. Oh my the spam mine has received since I started doing surveys!

2) Set up an internet voice mail only phone number. Some offers will check to see if your zip code and phone match up, but most don't. I just googled the above and found that worked for me.

I'll let you know when my first check arrives, but everything I've read on-line says this is the real thing. I have yet to see anyone NOT receive a check.

You can sign up for Cash Crate here.

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