Wednesday, March 19, 2008


How many states can you hit in one night?

Unfortunately, that is the route Mitch and Sarah are taking on their trek from Philly to Vegas. Because we didn't want Sarah to miss school, we booked their flight from Philly to Vegas with a connection in Phoenix. If we booked the last direct flight, Sarah would've had to miss school. We are always hesitant to book connecting flights because 4 years ago Mitch and Sarah spent a night in Atlanta due to a mis-connecting flight from bad weather and we missed a day at Disneyland. The bad weather hit again and every single flight except the one we chose made it to Vegas tonight.

So instead of taking her out of school for half the day, she gets to fly through 4 states in over 8 hours in the air. Good choice, eh?

Doesn't anyone else think that it's a bad system when, because 4 airports are on delays due to bad weather (the NY/NJ/PA airports today), the entire rest of the nation's flying schedules are totally knocked out of whack? Bet you won't here that issue on the presidential debates this Fall.

I get to make a run to the airport at around 2 AM - Thanks Aunt Michelle for taking the hit and watching the kiddo while I play taxi for our travelers! In the meantime... I'll be here... waiting....

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The Campbell Family said...

Christopher flew from Boston to KC by way of Dallas a few weeks ago. Now I ask you, does any map you own show that flight plan making any sense???? Not to mention how grumpy a poor traveller is after adding 5 unnecessary hours to his trip.

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