Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Reading, Writing, and 'Rithmatic

This morning a teacher had a conversation with a principal. The principal asked the teacher: Would I rather have a group of 20 students who are achieving at a superior level or a group of 200 students who are achieving at an average level? The teacher's response: I'd rather have a small group who are superior. The principal's response: Wrong. I'd rather have a large group who are average because studies show that students who are involved in activities do better in school. Ummmm.... OK?

This is why we are seriously considering homeschooling. The schools of today are not the schools we attended. Principals are more interested in the bottom line than the quality of the education their students are getting. Since when is OK to tell our kids it's OK to be average?? I want my kids to reach their highest potential -- not just mediocrity so that more kids can join in!

All that said, Sarah recently moved from a suburban school to a rural school district. We have been nothing but impressed with the rural district. They are teaching the basics and they are doing it with good old fashioned methods. Sarah even has a handwriting grade!

The difference is that in the rural town there is little choice as to where to go to school. Thus the district is not forced to "teach the test" so that they attract students and thus the money the government sends along with the student. The rural school can teach without any worries or hindrances of attracting and retaining students. In the more urban areas, students and parents have choices. Don't like the AYP of the school you are zoned for? No problem! You can go to another school in the area.

I would rather my kids were taught in smaller classrooms, even for electives, so that the teacher knows their names, knows their parents, and has the time to really help my kids learn well. Unfortunately in the majority of today's schools that relationship has been replaced with dollar signs.

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Karin said...

Hey, I sub in the public school system and I spend most of the time in the special ed classrooms. Its very sad how the teachers view the kids as wonderful little beings and want to teach them as much as their (often time under-developed) minds can manage, but the schools just keep shuffling them through to make sure NO CHILD IS LEFT BEHIND!

Tell me: will the senior with the 4.0 because he can make change for a dollar have the same opportunities as the senior with the 4.0 who took physicals, Latin and CP English? Probably not...but at least they both passed.

Everyday homeschooling looks better and better to me ... if I could just figure out if that's one word or two...

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