Tuesday, March 18, 2008

We Love You, Southwest!

Mitch was scheduled on a 10:40 AM flight to Philly this morning to pick up Sarah tomorrow afternoon. Usually he does the flight there and back in one day, but I've taken pity on him the past few times and splurged on a hotel so he can do it in 2 days. The one day there and back can be brutal. I have found an added bonus of this 2 day trip: free tickets. Both times Mitch has gone on the 2-day trip, he has taken a bump and returned home with vouchers for Southwest. I'd say the hotel more than pays for itself.

This morning Ella and I took him to the airport and came home. He called 10 minutes later to tell us he'd taken a bump, gotten a voucher, and was re-booked for a 5 PM flight. Bonus that we got to spend the day with him! He was the first in line before they finished announcing that they had overbooked -- I taught him well! The funny thing is that last night we couldn't figure out why we hadn't booked him on the 5 PM flight so he could spend the day with us.

Our best advice, if you want to try for a bump -- take a mid-morning flight and leave lots of extra time to get to your destination. Because Mitch always has a good 24 hour window, he is easy to re-book and thus easier to take the bump.

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The Campbell Family said...

and just what are you going to do with these free tickets? ever anything fun? or just for 'b'niss'????

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